When we say Aloha, we mean it from the Heart

A word packed with so much significance, Aloha has applications for all facets of life, not just in saying hello and goodbye. Locals know the importance of “living aloha” on the islands. It signifies a way of life through unity and oneness with mankind, the sea and da ‘aina

Aloha means love, kindness and that you care. Wouldn't the world be a better place with more aloha. Join us in our efforts to spread aloha.

About Us

A day in the life of Buzz's

Buzz's Hawaiian Grill is a food truck providing traditional Hawaiian plate lunch dishes to the St. Louis Metro area.

During the work day Buzz's serves island lunches at business centers in St. Louis city and county.

At night and on the weekends you will find Buzz's at your most popular music and food truck events.

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We bring the luau to you

Buzz's Hawaiian Grill is available for your next business lunch or private party.

We have several arrangement option to select from. There is bound to me an option that fits your needs.

Click here if you're interested in reserving our truck.

Going Green and Blue

In concert with the Hawaiian lifestyle Buzz's Hawaiian Grill is concerned with the earth's water supply, landfills and food source

We use eco-friendly bio-degradable containers wherever possible to reduce landfill waste. Not only are our dishes compostable, so are the utensils and the straws we use. 

To read more about our efforts and the green organizations we support click here.

How it all got started

Buzz lived on the north shore of Oahu and worked in Honolulu until moving to St. Louis in 1986. During the long commute each day he stopped at many of the islands plate lunch joints along the way. Some famous such as Zippy's, Rainbow Cafe and L&L Drive Inn. Others not as well known like the Paniolo Cafe in Punaluu. A favorite afternoon stop was Matsumoto's Shave Ice in Haleiwa, or Libby's Manapua on Kalihi St.

Moving to St. Louis presented a challenge to locate sushi bars, shave ice huts, poke stops, saimen houses and plate lunch cafe's. 

Over the years Buzz and his wife would cook Hawaiian cuisine for their children and friends.. It was integrated into their way of life. in 2016 Buzz decided to take matters into his own hands and launch a food truck featuring his favorite Hawaiian dishes so St. Louis could experience the Taste of Hawaii.

Buzz has two daughters and three grandchildren still living in Hawaii.