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Hawaiian Food is Ono!

Welcome to Buzz's Hawaiian Grill food truck menu. Buzz's specializes in authentic Hawaiian plate lunch dishes. The plate lunch is quintessentially a modern Hawaiian meal.

Modern day Hawaiians grow up eating plate lunches, and if a tourist is lucky enough they will stumble upon a hole-in-the-wall establishment that offers them. Plate lunches were derived from sugarcane and pineapple plantation workers sharing their homeland's food. The plantation workers came to the islands from all over the globe and mostly from China, Japan, Okinawa, Philippines, Portugal, Cuba, and Korea. Another huge influence on the Hawaiian food scene came from the missionaries who traveled from the New England states to bring Christianity and lastly the cowboys from Mexico. 

Their homeland recipes were modified to accommodate the available resources of the Hawaiian Islands. These modified recipes created variations of the original dishes making it impossible to obtain their unique flavors outside Hawaii. For instance, there are dishes the Chinese swear are of Japanese heritage, while the same dish is claimed to be Chinese influence by someone from Japan. Bottom line is the dish has become modern day Hawaiian.

Narrowing down which dishes Buzz's should offer was and is a difficult task. What we ultimately elected to do was rotate our menu offering all the dishes our family loves, but at different times. This means not all the ono Hawaiian dishes below are served daily. It also means our daily menu is packed with tasty surprises.  Simply put, not all of our dishes will fit on our truck bradda.

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